Our Story

Our story begins when Buddies Kitchen was born in June 2012 by a couple who dreamt of their perfect restaurant and wanted to promote their passion for good food .

With the idea of bringing the 1960’s American feel to England. With the use of the freshest ingredients, to produce our succulent homemade burgers, charbroiled to perfection, finished to excellence with our homemade breads and sauces.

Our steaks are sourced from the finest UK farmers along with imports from the US bringing the true taste of America closer to home. We like to cater for all, our menu ranges from Steak to lobster, burgers to pizzas, pasta dishes and salads. You can enjoy our burgers with an ice cold beer or even drink champagne and indulge on carefully selected rock oysters! We have a large selection of wines ranging from crisp whites to mellow reds including everything in between. The restaurant offers a warm welcoming and friendly staff to maximise your experience with us

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